Deck restoration services – the #1 service that will make your deck look new.

Deck restoration services are our specialization. Why don’t you trust professionals from the beginning?

Of course, we are sure you could restore your deck by yourself, make a cleaning solution, rent equipment, and other materials and do the work. Sure, you can! But you must be very careful with wood, use proper cleaning solutions, right pressure when washing your deck, remove stains, and much more. You must invest much time and money in the research, tools, etc. Why don't you spend time with your family or your favorite hobby while professionals do all the hard work for you?

We are here for all your Deck Restoration & Prep Needs, from just knocking the green off to professional prepping and staining it for you. Inman Prowash LLC. is an award-winning Deck Restoration Company offering complete deck restoration since 2009.

We only use low pressure when cleaning and prepping your deck. When we clean your deck, we use professional chemicals to clean and neutralize it. This allows us to use only 600 PSI. We will assure you that your deck will not be splintered or furred.

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Deck Cleaning and Prep in Lexington KY.

Deck prep for staining – it is our job to do. Then you can stain it by yourself.

Inman Prowash, LLC is the right service for you. Our deck prep services are the best in Fayette County, KY. We will prepare your deck with professional cleaners and low pressure, so your wood will be protected from damage. Once the surface has been cleaned thoroughly, we will neutralize the wood lowering the pH level back to its original state, allowing the stain to penetrate and last longer so that you can apply your handyman talent and add your contribution for the sake of your deck's life and beauty

What areas in KY are we providing our services?

Deck restoration near me:

Georgetown, Nicholasville, Frankfort, 
Winchester, Richmond
, Paris
, Versailles and Lexington.

Contact us today and let our professionals give you a free estimate on cleaning and protecting your deck. Get 10% off if you call today. And mention the discount while talking with our representative. We are always looking for new deck stains and keeping up with the latest deck cleaning solutions when they hit the market. Schedule your deck restoration appointment with us today.

Our Deck Staining Process:

Day 1

1. Your deck is thoroughly examined for damage during estimate.

2. Before cleaning we will remove all of the objects and place them in your yard.

3.Your deck is cleaned with our special detergent and low pressure so there is no splintering or furring.

4.Your deck is revived and brightened with our reviving solution.

5.We neutralize your deck to rid of all chemicals and prepare it for sealant.

Day 2

1.We start off the day by examining the deck for problems that may occur in the future

2.Then we look for and reset all nails and screws that have popped up. (And replace any wood that is scheduled).

3.The house or anything that needs to be taped off or covered will be done

4.The sealing begins. All decks are hand brushed to perfection.

Once the work is done, your deck will look new and last more than 3 to 4 years. The only thing you should do is schedule regular power washing maintenance once a year to keep the deck in perfect condition for a longer time.

Deck Staining FAQ'S

1. What is the best way to apply stain to a deck?

The best way is to use an airless sprayer. Using an airless sprayer will get into all of the cracks better than brushing or rolling. After spraying the stain, you'll always want to back-brush the stain into the wood.

2. Is it better to brush or roll the stain on a deck?

Brushing is much better than rolling. When rolling the stain on the deck it can leave roller edge tracks and inconsistency and also does not get between the boards as if brushing.

3. How do I stain my deck for the first time?

After letting the wood cure and dry-out for 3 to 6 months the best way to stain is to start hand brushing the handrails and work your way to the inside of the deck one board at a time leaving the floor for last.