Deck Restoration & Prepping

Deck Restoration Services

We are here for all of your Deck Restoration & Prepping Needs from just knocking the green off or professional prepping and staining it for you. Inman Prowash LLC is an award-winning Deck Restoration Company and has been offering complete deck restoration since 2009.

We only use low pressure when cleaning and prepping your deck. When we clean you deck, we use professional chemicals to clean and neutralize. This allows us to use only 600 PSI. We will assure you that your deck will not be splintered or furred.

Let the professionals here at Inman ProWash, LLC give you a free estimate on cleaning and protecting your deck. We are always looking for new deck stains when they hit the market and keeping up with the latest in deck cleaning solutions.

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Deck cleaning and prepping

Deck Prepping

Our deck prepping services are the best around. If you're wanting to stain your deck yourself then this s the right service for you.

With this service we will prep your deck with professional cleaners & low pressure so there is no damage to your wood. Once the surface has been cleaned thoroughly, we will neutralize the wood lowering the pH level back to its original state allowing the stain to penetrate and last longer.