What is house pressure washing and why do you need it?

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The house pressure washing procedure is an essential task. You must do it to keep your house looking beautiful and safe. There is an old saying, "my home is my castle." It is so true. But how to take care of your castle, and what should you do? We are here to help. Trust experts and find time to schedule an appointment for house washing with Inman Prowash LLC., and we will take care of your home exterior in the most professional way.

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Soft House Washing - is our signature service.

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What is the house soft washing method? It is unique to most pressure washing companies or DIY homeowners. We have the most compelling new equipment and use special techniques to complete the job safely and proficiently. Everything is included from the roof down when we wash your home.

*Decks and patios are not included with a house wash. Please let us know ahead of if you also require these services.

We can confidently say that this is our most popular service. We do this work every single day, and our customers are nothing but happy with the results. Just look at these pictures before and after. Your house also can look like new in no time.

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How often should you use professional house washing services?

At a minimum, you should power wash your house prior to painting or any other major repair of your house exterior. The frequency is about once every 2-3 years - this is how often homeowners generally perform any exterior maintenance. As you can see, this is not a frequent ritual, but it is worth the time and investment.


Are you thinking about selling your house anytime soon? Great news, professional house washing can help you to sell your house faster and increase your home value by up to 5% - 10%.

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As a homeowner you might think that house exterior cleaning affects nothing but how it looks. Actually, there is more. It can also affect your and your family's health. House washing is excellent for removing not only dirt, paint and stains but also dangerous molds that might build up on the house's walls.

Search the term "wash house near me," and you will find us right away, the company which has been proudly providing services to Fayette County, KY, since 2009:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Schedule a house washing with us today and make your house look fresh and new.

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