An apartment complex pressure washing must be on your maintenance checklist.

Pressure Washing Apartments near Lexington KY.
Soft washing an apartment complex in the Lexington KY area.

There are many advantages with the power washing of apartment buildings and multi-units pressure washing.

Why Pressure Wash Apartments? It takes effort to attract new tenants to your apartment complex. That's why curb appeal is essential. Apartment buildings must look clean and well maintained 24/7, all year around. Is it challenging to keep it in excellent condition? Of course, it is. It takes a lot of effort. Keeping everything in its proper condition is difficult because of many factors such as:

- weather

- climate

- immediate environment

- tenants themselves.


Great news! Inman Prowash LLC. is here and ready to help. We offer top-quality apartment pressure washing services and multi-unit pressure washing to keep your property clean and appealing. What can we do for you? We will provide you with the following services:

Pressure washing apartment buildings and your benefits:

We are a team of professionals since 2009. We have completed hundreds of apartments complexes and multi-unit spaces power washing projects and earned the trust of our clients.

It is hard work and must be done extremely carefully. We will minimize tenants' disturbance and ensure everything meets the standards of their satisfaction and safety.

This type of work requires high accuracy. We are professionals and have done it hundreds of times. We provide our services for a property of different sizes. Is your property small - great! Is it big - even better.

Our modern equipment will professionally power wash every side, surface, and corner of your building. We know exactly how not to damage your property and make it shine like new. We are the #1 pressure washing service choice in the area. Trusted professionals, we know what we are doing. Our experience with this type of work has been unbeatable since 2009. No one in the region has as much experience as us!

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Reasons to hire Inman Prowash:

  • You will attract new tenants. Even if your rent is low, people still want to live in a safe and clean place.
  • You will retain current tenants. People don't like to move from place to place, but do they have a choice if their living area is not clean enough and safety is questionable? With our help, your good tenants will keep renewing their lease because your facilities will be safe and clean. Quality guaranteed!
  • Health and safety – are the #1 reason for pressure washing. If your building is covered with mold, dirt, and mildew, it can provoke health issues for your tenants. Also, you should remember the danger of grime and moss that can cause someone to fall, and then you will have to deal with liability.
  • It will increase your building life and save on maintenance and repair. Different kinds of pollutants may significantly affect your buildings. Thanks to apartment complex pressure washing, you can avoid costly repairs of rotten wood, roof shingles changing, etc.
  • Increase your property value and limit liability. Curb appeal is critical, especially if you want to charge more. It would help if you justified your prices with proof of a well-maintained and clean environment for living. Also, as a landlord, you should be concerned about the safety of tenants. We will help you to minimize liability issues of your business with our professional and reliable work.
  • We can make your busy life better. We will ensure your and tenants' property is safe and won't be damaged while we do our work. We always work with precision and respect your property.
Power Washing Apartment Complexes Near Lexington KY.