Roof Soft Washing in Lexington KY.

We provide top notch soft wash roof cleaning - get your benefits today.

  • Did you know that your roof can serve you for up to 25-30 years?
  • Did you know that taking care of your houses roof can extend its life?
  • Did you know that your house roof can look new in no time?
  • Do you want it to look like it is new?

We have the solution - a soft wash roof cleaning performed by our professionals. Sure, you probably wonder if cleaning your roof is worth the cost. Yes absolutely. Roof cleaning can save a lot of money in the long run and delay a roof’s replacement. Also, regular cleaning may maintain your roof's warranty and you should do it once every 3-5 years and to keep it looking like brand new.

Soft washing is the only way to clean your roof without damaging it and voiding any warranty. It is a low-pressure rinsing that removes dirt. The pressure is slightly stronger than the pressure you use in the garden with a spray nozzle when taking care of your plants.

Giving your roof a good cleaning by a professional company is a commonly missed area of housekeeping. How many of you don't even think about it? Here is a point, do you know how big a difference it can make to your health? What about your neighbors' opinions? And the overall value of your home? Here at Inman Prowash, LLC, we understand the benefits of keeping that roof spic and span, and we are the experts at creating dazzling cleaning solutions for your home or business. Yes, we can do it for you! Please let us know if you need professional help, and we will be on our way.

What is Soft Washing?  Read Here!

We are the most popular Roof Soft Washing service in Fayette County, KY.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning is a must when trying to keep up with the constant maintenance of your home or business. Our commercial-grade cleaning agents are biodegradable and non-harmful to your landscaping. You can expect the results of a brand-new-looking roof. This type of washing will remove all of the black streaks and the lichen. We highly recommend our clients washing the roof once in 3-5 years.

What about metal roof cleaning? Can you do it?

Yes, sure! A metal roof cleaning is our specialty too. It is a trendy roof choice nowadays, and it is obvious why. A metal roof is a long-lasting part of your house that can serve you for about 50 years if you take care of it properly. We can certainly help you take care of it in the most professional way possible.

Rood Cleaning Service in Lexington KY.
Roof Soft Washing near Lexington KY.

Here are the benefits of our metal roof cleaning services:

  • Longer lasting roof life - we save you a ton of money.
  • Your house roof looks like new - your neighbors admire it and envy you
  • Save your time and do whatever you want - let professionals do this job
  • Get a 10% discount code if you book your roof cleaning today.


Hire Inman Prowash LLC. today! It is one of the most reputable companies in the area, with years of experience and many positive reviews. You can be 100% confident that we will provide outstanding services.

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