Liability waiver for cleaning services provided by Inman Prowash LLC:

We always provide top-quality services. Your happiness is our priority. By scheduling our services, you confirm that you have read and comprehend our Liability Waiver for Cleaning Services provided by Inman Prowash LLC and agree with the following:


Schedule management in a pressure washing business is highly dependent on weather conditions. If you have an appointment but the weather that day does not support our tasks, we will reschedule your service for another day of your convenience. We appreciate your understanding because the quality of work depends on weather conditions, which are out of our control. But please don't worry. If we have to reschedule your project for another day, we will make this process as smooth as possible and notify you immediately.

Water Usage:

You agree to grant Inman Prowash LLC. the right to use your property water supply for completing your project. Please ensure the water supply is in working order before our arrival. If we have to use alternative water supplies at your location, it will include an extra charge for the work we provide.

Electricity Usage:

You agree to grant Inman Prowash LLC. the right to use your property electricity for completing your project. Please make sure that electricity is available and in working order before our arrival. If we have to use an alternative electricity source at your location, it will include an extra charge for the work we provide. Inman Prowash LLC will not compensate for electricity use.

Color and Tone Concerns:

Please note that the wood species, its inherent properties, age, and weather can affect the resulting color or tone of the stain.

Important! Inman Prowash LLC. will do everything possible to represent the final finish color and tones. We can often give you an idea of the overall color or tone, but you may expect some varieties in the finish.


When Inman Prowash LLC. is on location and providing the services, you are responsible for keeping your children, pets, elderly and other people away from our work area. This requirement is mandatory for everyone's safety. Also, we recommend staying away from the work area for the next 24 hours to protect you and your loved ones.

Removal & Replacement of Deck Contents:

Please remove and replace your deck furniture, plants, grill, and other items from the work area before our arrival. It will simplify the preparation process, and we will start working on your project immediately.


Inman Prowash LLC. is not responsible for:

  • wood rot or damages due to improperly installed siding,
  • loose shingles or siding and defective constriction,
  • improperly sealed, opened, or broken windows and doors,
  • unsecured wires,
  • loose or improperly installed gutters, leaders, and improper caulking.
  • broken or busted hose bibs and damages that may occur during services.
  • damaged or improperly installed electrical outlets or exterior wiring.


If your siding is vinyl or aluminum, you must expect bleaching or fading due to weather. Inman Prowash LLC. will not be responsible if faded vinyl or aluminum areas become more visible after power washing.

Stains Removal:

There is possibility that some stains we cannot remove. We will point to such areas when quoting the project. We will immediately notify you about this possibility.

For example, we may not be able to remove the following stains:

  • splatters from stains and artillery fungus,
  • tree sap,
  • some paints


Please ensure your property is in good condition, well maintained, and weather tight. Inman Prowash LLC. is not responsible for damages due to water infiltration from poor or improper installation, maintenance, or repair of electrical-related items, doors, or windows.

Inman Prowash LLC. Cannot guarantee the removal of artillery fungus from exterior house surfaces.

Window Spotting:

Please note that your windows may become spotted when we are working on your project. Window cleaning is not included in the services unless agreed during quoting.


Please note that the appearance of concrete depends on many factors. From project to project, concrete will not look the same, even on the same driveway, patio, sidewalk, or concrete slab.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us or call.


The services provided by Inman Prowash LLC (hereinafter "Company") are intended for the purpose of general cleaning of residential and commercial properties. By utilizing the services of the Company, the customer (hereinafter "Client") acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Company does not assume any responsibility for any damage that may occur to the Client's property as a result of the pressure washing services. It is the Client's responsibility to secure and/or remove any personal property from the area to be cleaned.
  2. The Client assumes all risks associated with the use of high pressure water and any related equipment. The Company will not be held liable for any injuries sustained on the property during the pressure washing process.
  3. The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of detergents or other cleaning products. If the Client has allergies or sensitivities to certain products, it is the Client's responsibility to inform the Company prior to the start of the service.
  4. By utilizing the services of the Company, the Client releases the Company of any and all liability arising from the use of the services.

This disclaimer is intended to protect the interests of the Inman Prowash LLC and to limit its potential liability. The Client is encouraged to review this disclaimer carefully and to seek legal counsel if necessary. The Client's use of the Company's services constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.