By Inman Prowash LLC

How To Prepare Your Home for Pressure Washing

Professional steps to follow for your home pressure washing appointment.

As the trusted name in pressure washing services, Inman Prowash LLC understands the importance of proper preparation for achieving the best results. This guide will walk you through the key steps to get your home ready for pressure washing services.

Concrete Cleaning

There are a few steps you can do before the pressure washing begins for best results.

  • Edge your grass: edging your yard will let the pressure washer get the edges of the concrete.
  • Move heavy items: Moving the heavy items will let the pressure washer get under these areas. Not all companies can remove these because they are usually a one-person team.
  • Known problems: Let the pressure washer know of any known problems such as stains or loose concrete areas.

Deck Staining

Tips you can do as a customer for best results for having your deck stained by a professional.

  • Picking a color: When picking the color of your deck for best results you should have some contrast from your house to the deck. There are a lot of people that go with the same color as their house and regrets it.
  • Remove heavy items: It is always the best if the customer can remove the heavy items such as grills and couches. Please be up front to the deck stainers that they will have to remove them so they can make arrangements.
  • Landscaping: For the best results having your landscaping moved away as best as possible will have a better outcome. You can take some string and wrap the top of the landscaping and pull it back.

House Washing

Here are a few steps to get the best results for having your home pressure washed by a professional.

  • Move vehicles:  To make it easier on the pressure washer please move all vehicles at least 30 feet from the house. The pressure washers have long hoses that can easily get tangled.
  • Remove screens: Removing your screens will help the pressure washers clean the window seals properly. If the screens are in the bugs and dirt cannot drain properly.
  • Remove items: Moving the items such as building materials and large objects away from the house will allow the pressure washer get behinds them. chairs and flower are not usually the issue.
  • Knowlege: If you have specific areas of concern or areas that require special attention, communicate them to the pressure washing team.
  • Secure Windows and Doors: Make sure all windows and doors are closed all the way.
  • Electrical outlets: Ensure all outdoor electrical components are turned off before pressure washing. Cover outdoor electrical outlets and any exposed wiring to prevent water damage.
  • Trim Overhanging Foliage: Trimming back plants and bushes around the cleaning areas is essential. This minimizes the risk of damage to your landscaping and allows for thorough cleaning of exterior surfaces.

By following these preparatory steps, you contribute to the success of our pressure washing services. At Inman Prowash LLC, we guarantee a thorough and professional cleaning that will leave your home looking refreshed and pristine. Contact us today for a consultation and let our pressure washing expertise speak for itself.